Instant Payments in Brazil

Although we have one of the most advanced banking system in the world, there are shortcomings here and there. That is why Brazil, or more specifically the central bank of Brazil (Banco Central or, for short, Bacen) intends to introduce a new payment system by the end of 2020. This payment system is meant to modernize our banking system for transfers, payment of bills, tax collections, service taxes and much more.

According to Bacen, PIX is expected to have 6 defining characteristics:

Modern development seems to go hand in hand with git. Almost every project (including some made by universities students) use it. And to my knowledge, it is the most popular form of version control system (VCS).

DISCLAIMER: For those that don't know what git is, Git is a program for controlling versions of (not exclusively) source code. I do not intend to teach git in this article as there is a plethora of tutorials across the internet that would likely do a better job. …

In a far, far away (and, to some, forgotten) time, machines didn’t have the fancy user interfaces we see today. It was a simpler time: the only form of input was the keyboard, the apps were called by writing their names, and the output was text-based as well.

Example of ancient interface design

But, despite this simplicity, people were forced to do everything on it. And, although less than today, there was a lot of demand to make use of it.

Since this interface was fairly restrictive, developers had to be very creative to make programs flexible enough to accept and do a lot for…

Victor Quezado

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